Virtual CFO

The CFO takes responsibility for the results of the business. He ensures profitability and liquidity. As Head of Financials he accumulates all business events to figures reflecting the business of the current period and allowing to take decisions for the future. Further key tasks are development of processes, management accounts receivables, Contract management and compliance.

The virtual CFO is as real to this extent as you expect him to be.

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As a small company you may not afford a full time CFO, not even an interim one. We take over this role as your company needs it.

The Virtual CFO is a real professional. Profitability is in focus. You get full financial expertise as your business needs it.

Steps for optimizing will be addedas required and agreed with headquarter.

We start getting familiar with your business, your structures, your people. An improvement task will be added as required and approved by headquarter. As things run well we don't disappear but supervise relevant processes as the business will require. You get an effective CFO for a portion of the CFO's remuneration, reliable, available on location.

Have your targets being represented in your company over 5.000 miles away.

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Juergen E.L. Meyer and Michael Detlefs

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